Tinder for Random Cuddles: Weird or Convenient?

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December 14, 2023
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December 14, 2023

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Ever seem longingly at a complete stranger and consider,

I simply want to embrace your

? It’s okay. It is not odd. Everybody else needs a hug or a spoon or a good neck. Community just helps it be weird. And personal-space borders. And sometimes restraining commands.

For all those stranger-hug cravings that are from time to time frowned-upon, absolutely a fresh app that Salon hails as “Tinder of cuddles.”
is actually a location-based app that can help you see people in walking length just who additionally wants a hug. It is simple: you choose a person considering their unique first-name, picture, and cuddle score. You accept to fulfill, snuggle, and get your individual ways. You may also post a photo of the comfy sesh, should you decide so choose!

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A snuggle matchmaking software actually leaves lots of space for weird, proper? But creator Charlie Williams insists which is not about gender whatsoever. It is more about the search for snuggling as its very own task. The app even removes get older and sex. (entirely great — the actual only real pertinent details really is spoon preference: big, little, bi-spoon?) According to him to Salon, “Cuddlr is focused on respecting and hooking up, in the place of appearing and judging.”

Hear that, everyone? Let’s not damage this with these sleazy hookup efforts like we fit everything in else. (
I am viewing you.)

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