Wild rags have been useful tools of working cowboys and cowgirls since the days of the Old West. But they are also fashionable accessories for the sophisticated rancher.

For the working rancher, wild rags serve a vital purpose. During the hot summer months, a wild rag can be dipped into the cold water of a river and stay cool for hours, while in the freezing winter months providing heat around your neck and head. The highly dense and quality silk fabric acts as both a natural conditioner and heater for the neck and head. They also can act as a barrier for your horse's eyes against flies, insects, and other foreign objects that may cause injury to your most trusted partner.

For the fashion-minded rancher, a wild rag makes an individual stand out from the rest of the crowd. Wild rags come in a wide variety of colors and sizes that are as unique as the individual who wears them. Wild rags can be tied in a variety of knots and styles to fit your individual style. The most common styles of knots are the "buckaroo", "bank robber", and "Windsor".

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